Mary’s message for Sunday 26th June

Have you walked along the seashore lately? I wonder, do we appreciate the marvellous shoreline we have here at Felixstowe? It goes from Landguard Point, right round the Bay, then along the east beach, to the mouth of the River Deben.

When my grandson took an interest in searching for unusual stones, my enjoyment of walking the beach was rekindled. It’s awesome to think how old those stones are. Rocks, broken down, smoothed and shaped by the sea, arranged and rearranged as the surge rushes over them.

Along the water’s edge, many of the stones gleam like jewels, rich colours, striped bands, mottled, glistening white, marble-like quartz. But remove those stones from the water, let them dry out in the sun, and their brilliance soon vanishes.

Isn’t that so with us? If we stray away from God’s presence, we very soon lose our inner-radiance and become lost in the mass of ‘dull pebbles’. We need God’s grace and love to wash over us to refresh us and revive us.

Have you seen what the sea does to a sharp, jagged piece of glass? It becomes smooth, semi-translucent, a thing of beauty. That’s how God works on us. He smoothes down the rough edges, maybe of pride, resentment, bitterness or envy, and, if we allow Him, makes us into something beautiful, through which His light will shine.

We are all precious in His sight! Rather like a prayerful chorus we sometimes sing:
“Make me like a precious stone. Crystal clear and finely honed.
Life of Jesus shining through, giving glory back to you.”
Do you remember our Vision Statement? “Grow in faith, Make Jesus known, Be His light.” If we are like precious stones, we should shine brightly for Jesus and if we are His light, we should be bright and shining too.

With love, Mary R.