St Mary’s wins Eco Church Award

Did you know that St Mary’s has an Eco Church team?  Well, we do – and we’re delighted to announce that the church is the proud possessor of a bronze award from the A Rocha UK organisation.  The certificates are on our notice boards, and the logo is on the website.

What is the award for?  The award is given to churches that have completed a survey about how the environment features in our worship and teaching, care and use of our buildings and land, lifestyle and publicity, and whose responses meet the required criteria.

Why do we need an award?  The award is an acknowledgement that we care about God’s creation and our role in protecting our environment, and working towards a more sustainable future.  As Christians we believe that human beings have placed the whole of creation in peril, and that we must take positive action to turn this situation around.

What’s next?  We’ve already made a few changes.  It may not seem much but we’ve reviewed the cleaning products we use in our buildings and switched to environmentally friendly ones.  We’re also looking at how we can reduce our carbon footprint year on year.  This just a start.   As we work towards our silver award we’ll need to make further changes, and we’ll need your help, your prayers and your commitment to engage with this vital challenge.  We hope you’re as excited as we are to take this next step.  Please let us have your thoughts and ideas.

Margaret, Lynda, Philip, Paul S. and Annika