Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! We may not have been able to meet this year for church ‘in person’ at times, but we have managed to gather for worship in other ways and learnt a lot along the way. As we move forward into tier four we will continue to find ways to gather for worship and support our communities in person and online.
We do this because we want to share light. The kind of light that is eternal, has always been and cannot be conquered by darkness, no matter how much it engulfs us at times. So this Christmas know you are NEVER alone. That light is the love of God and it dwells everywhere. Some people feel that God’s love is for other people because they have done stuff they are ashamed of or don’t go to church. This is wrong, YOU are loved utterly and completely, just as you are for who YOU are.
The greatest gift this Christmas is not something in wrapping paper (although I am looking forward to them as well!). It is understanding that God’s unrelenting, extravagant love is for YOU.
Rev Paul