December Services

With the news that churches can once again reopen for worship next week in time for Christmas, I just wanted to update you on what we have planned over the coming weeks ahead.

We decided last month when lockdown v2 started that we would plan all services to be online until the end of the year. This is so that we could plan effectively and also ensure all of our Christmas services could be put together and advertised in plenty of time. Therefore all Sunday and seasonal services will be via Zoom, with some being streamed as well via Youtube. Please click on the ‘Christmas’ tab on this website for more details of what we have planned nearer Christmas.

This is in recognition that ‘in person’ services are currently a poor imitation of what would normally expect from a service with no singing and no chance of being able to mix together socially. We have, since March, been perfecting the Zoom experience and I think that its the closest we can get to ‘real church’ as it provides the opportunity to worship together, sing and have a coffee (providing you bring it!).  I know it is hard for some to access Zoom and if that is you please do contact me so that we can get someone to help you get online and join in with everybody. We still get more people join in for the first time every week!

We hope to return to ‘in person’ services in January if restrictions allow it, but plan to keep the online services for the foreseeable future in recognition that some will still be shielding and prefer to sing and chat!

Rev Paul