November Services

As lockdown begins, our churches will revert back to online worship as they did in March. All services will be broadcast via Zoom and in some cases via Youtube/social media as well. The usual pattern of services will be :

Sunday’s @ 10am – Morning Worship

Sunday’s @ 5pm, The Sunday Service on Felixstowe Radio. 107.5FM or online.

Wednesdays @ 9.30am – Morning Prayer

Please do join us for these services if you can. Our Archbishops have called for November to be a month of prayer so we would like to gather whenever possible.

This Sunday is Remembrance Sunday and we will be having our usual Zoom service at 10am which will finish with breakout rooms for coffee in time for you to join the TV/public acts of remembrance.

On Wednesday 11th November, Rev Paul will lead a live stream from St Mary’s Church at 10.45am which will include an act of worship and 2 minutes silence. More details on that will be included in the Connect this weekend.