Reflection by Dave Smith

Matthew 13:24-30 36-43

When I first looked at the reading for today, I thought to myself this is going to be easy, it starts off with Jesus teaching a parable, a story which uses an every day example to show a biblical truth, and the second half is Jesus explaining the meaning of his parable, that’s it job done. What can I add to that, reflection over and done within 30 or so seconds.

Let’s see if there is anything else that could be examined in this piece. As with everything in the bible, and with our lives it’s all a journey, we travel from being born, to death and then to our final destination. We have started our time of exploring what will be the shape of the churches of Walton and Trimley, Paul and Rachel led us through part of Jesus’ Great commission, focusing on “Therefore go” We start our journey, and in the parable you hear that the man sowed good seed in the land, it would be nice to think that we are the good seed than is being sawn in Walton and Trimley, but we all come with our own stuff, it’s like when you arrive at the airport, train station, with all your luggage , you suddenly realize that you have too many bags for your hands, and that big one the you managed to pick up at home, is now far too heavy to carry more than an hundred metres. I suppose that the luggage could be paralleled to the weeds in this passage. We could I suppose just go on holiday, with nothing, but then what would we do, even though we need what is contained in those bags, it is weighing us down, until we reach our destination, our hotel, where we can unshackle ourselves from our burdens, and find our place by the pool, or the bar, were hopefully great rejoicing will start for 7 to 14 nights, and then do the whole thing in reverse.

On Tuesday, in the morning I when on my first long walk, it was the furthest and longest I had been outside of my house or garden by myself. I saw that life as we remembered has started up again, the pictures are all in Walton, sorry Trimley, I didn’t have the energy to walk that far! So the pubs and restaurants, barbers and hairdressers, etc have started to open up their doors. The Church building is opened up this morning for worship. This is why, at this time, Paul’s study is important, this is a time for us to start growing, yes, we still have the weeds of the virus, and those who oppose the work of the church, and we should allow them to grow alongside us. It’s not time to be frightened, but we must follow the guidelines to keep us and our loved one’s safe. But we should be looking at the questions raised, we should look back and see how our lives and the lives of everyone in our churches have been transformed by Jesus. After looking back, we need to look forward to our destination, and discover the way we share the good news in our areas. So I would encourage you if you did not Zoom in last time to do so this Tuesday, details from Georgina in the office. Remember the good thing about traveling together is that you can share the burdens of your baggage with others.

So we are walking our path of faith, the weeds that try to hamper our journey are still there, we are growing, but the darkness that can destroy is still there. As with all journey we will come to a crossroads or a junction and we need to decide on which way we shall go, I thought what Rachel shared from Alice in Wonderland was poignant, confused Alice asked the Cheshire Cat which way should she go, he replies “Well, it depends. Where are you going?” Alice says, “I don’t know” To which that Cat say, “Then it doesn’t matter which way you go”. In some cases, the journey is more important than the destination. I remember as a child, my family, as I’m sure many of yours, when out for a Sunday drive, the destination wasn’t important, it was the joy of the journey.

As in the parable, don’t pull out the weeds, as you may well pull out good plaints at the same time, and destroy part of you crop. If you spend all your time focusing on everything else you lose sight of your destination and more importantly those who are traveling with you. Don’t get distracted, embrace you trials, they become part of your journey, the things that shape your experience of life, and you remember the happiness of you arrival, which will outweigh the troubles you had getting there.

Verse 42 says, “Then the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father” I’m now going to play the first few minutes of a song called shine, by the band Transatlantic.

“this love leaves none behind, while we shine”.

Who are you taking on Gods journey, There will be weeds on the way that will tangle around your feet, but they only try to slow you down. Follow Jesus, don’t be tempted by the enemy, the sons of the evil one, join with Jesus in the great commission, as he says “therefore go”. If you don’t, you’ll never reach your destination.