Rector’s Update

Dear friends,

It has been a busy week as the government announced formally that churches can open from 15th June for private prayer. Rest assured, our churches will be open on some days for private prayer once we have processed and arranged for the necessary cleaning and preparation that is needed to make entry as safe as possible. St Mary’s is currently having building work completed on the exterior and St Martin’s some remedial work on the tower so this may delay opening until this work has been completed. I know it may be tempting if you are a key holder to go into our churches and some of you have, but can I request during this time you resist and do not enter the building whilst we make preparations to open. Once we are open, please restrict yourself to the public opening times. We have one nominated person at each church who can enter to check the building so if you have an urgent requirement please contact them to discuss and they may be able to help:

Georgina South for Walton & Andrew King for Trimley.

It is clear that it will take some time for us to get back into our churches for worship. But once we do, we will begin a new chapter in our churches history. What will it look like? Where is God leading us, at this moment, together?

God has called us to be with you in this beautiful place for a reason and we will in time embark together on a new area of ministry and mission for our churches. I am excited about this, as I hope you are, and I want to begin in prayer, and continue in prayer as we work together into the future.

At the moment I am planning a series of sessions via Zoom and the telephone which I hope will allows us to study the bible, pray and discern God’s will for our benefice together. I hope that from those sessions we can get a strong sense of his direction and that we can come up with a vision that we can work towards.  This won’t be something we then put on a letter heading or an email and forget about, it will be something that all our mission and ministry will focus on in the years to come.

More details will come on this later, but I hope you will feel able to join in, the sessions will be open to everybody. In the meantime, I call upon us to begin praying now and ask him;

What is God’s plan for us together in this place?
How is he asking us to join with him to make that happen?

Please send any thoughts and words you might have on this to me via email.

I know things are strange and difficult at the moment. In amongst it all, it has also been nice not to have so many meetings and duties that somehow can get in the way of our mission together. Judging by the emails and calls that I get in response to my radio shows, I am convinced that we are about to enter a new era, and It is exciting to think that we can all be a part of this.

Stay safe and may God bless you,
Rev Paul