We never closed !

As the government continues to relax lockdown restrictions we still do not have a date when we can open our buildings. The diocese have issued guidance on what will be required when we do, including cleaning and other practical measures that will need to be in place for the first phase. The first phase will likely be that the church is open for private prayer on certain days with the addition of small weddings and funerals. Once the announcement is made we have a plan to reopen our benefice churches in place, when it is safe to do so, and I will update this page with details of that. In the meantime I urge you not enter the churches if you have keys, only designated people are able to enter and check the buildings. If you have an urgent need, please contact them :

Andrew King for Trimley

Georgina South for Walton including halls.

I am giving thanks to God for the way we have adapted and found new ways of worshipping during this crises. The Zoom services and radio will continue for some time and the route back to church will likely be a long and complicated process. In the meantime, we are very much open !!!  Thank you everybody for all you are doing.

Rev Paul

**Update** The government have released today that we can open for private prayer from 15th June. It will take a short while to work out what this means for our churches and I will update here once we have a plan.